My book, Huncke, has been published by Seven Towers in Dublin. It is a 12-canto epic poem (written in ottava rima) recounting and creating a memorial reading for Herbert Hunke, the prototype Beat. Launching from a Bowery basement theater, Huncke takes readers on a walk through American history, art, and literature with a short detour through Oklahoma and front row seats at the Philadelphia Mischianza of 1778. There are readings by Patti Smith and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and appearances by Charlie Parker, John Adams, Benoit Mandelbrot, and, of course, Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs. And others. I am delighted that the cover art and illustrations are done by Paul Weingarten.

And the first review is in by way of a gracious back cover blurb offered by Robert Olen Butler:

“Epic and elegiac, gritty and beautiful, smart and ultimately quite moving, Rick Mullin’s Huncke is a dazzling work by a splendid poet who is helping to reinvigorate venerable poetic traditions.”

More info on how to get a copy or attend a reading to come.


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