After Party

The New Jersey “Launch” went very well last night. Paul Weingarten (left above) honored me and “my kind” with a gracious introduction, and he had the painting from the cover and four of the original drawings that illustrate Huncke on hand.

Having now read the entire book at one venue or another, I am bringing the “New Book Tour” to a close. I want to thank those of you who have attended readings—some of you more than one—for your support. And for those with me in spirit at these events, thanks also.
My gratitude to The Nightingale Lounge, Paul Nash and Denise LaNeve of the North Jersey Poetry Series, Kat Georges of the Cornelia Street Cafe’s Son of Pony reading, Ray Brown of the Frenchtown Book Launch event, and the Montclair Public Library for giving me spotlights.

Several YouTube clips of Huncke readings, including a set from last night’s performance, can be found here. And if you dig deep in my YouTube collection, you will find clips of John J. Trause, R. Nemo Hill, Susanna Rich, Quincy Lehr, and David Katz.

Huncke, is available at and Quincy Lehr published a very nice review at Amazon, by the way.

Thanks, of course, to Seven Towers.

Again, thanks for your support.



One Response to “After Party”

  1. Andrey Tamarchenko Says:

    Mazel Tov, you two Jersey histers!
    The poet and a painter – word and image, image made word – God is resting…

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