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Portraits of the Artists

September 27, 2010

Ten years ago, or so, I visited Paul at his studio. We painted each other. It went fairly well, much better than when we’d gone out together to paint landscapes. On those occasions, Paul ended up chasing me through the woods at palette-knife-point for watching over his shoulder, talking, or making crumbs. On this occasion, I painted him first. My picture is the one on the bottom, a small oil, 12″ by 9″. Painting it exhausted me. He painted his larger oil of me after lunch, and I kept falling asleep on him as I sat. Thus the afternoon ended in tears, but with two decent paintings. Paul’s dealer bought mine at a group show at which Paul, dealer, and I exhibited with Andrey Tamarchenko in Phlladelphia. Paul’s painting illustrates my poem “The Marquis” at Soundzine.


Frenchtown Book Launch

September 16, 2010

Thanks to Jill Dodds for a nice photograph of a C-Maj. chord. A good look at Paul’s painting in warm, incandescent light as well.

“…days that ever-faster run…”

July 27, 2010

World Trade Center in Sunlight, ca 1999, by Paul Weingarten. One in a series on lower Manhattan that registers in Canto Nine of Huncke.

Illustrations by Paul Weingarten

June 12, 2010

Paul Weingarten offered his painting, Power Station, Dark Cloud, for the cover of Huncke. Above is another of his power station paintings. He also produced 15 graphite illustrations for the book. Here are three of them:

Click these images to enlarge them. And visit Paul’s website and his gallery’s website.